For Business Listing Users

Events and Deals are specialized kinds of Entries. Start by watching the videos on Creating a New Entry, Adding Text, Adding Files, Adding a Contact. Then read the additional info below.

Create an Event

To create an event click +NEW, select Event from the Types menu and give your event a Title.

Set the Begin and End Dates for your event. Click + to add more dates.

Add Event Times and Fees in the appropriate fields.

Select an Event Category

To set a map location, start typing your business’s address. If your address doesn’t pop up in the list you can use the marker placement tools and set your location manually. For more details see Adding Map Features.

Once you have filled all relevant fields, be sure to click Save and Submit. Your entry will be reviewed by one of our editors and published.

Create a Deal

Create a new deal by clicking +NEW, entering a Title and selecting Deal in the Type menu.

Select the business/organization listing that this deal belongs to. This is required. The Deal cannot be published without selecting the business/organization listing.

If you have not yet created your business/organization listing, you can save the deal as a draft and come back to it once the listing has been created.

Enter deal Dates, Price, Restrictions and Categories.

Once you have filled all relevant fields, be sure to click Save and Submit. Your deal will now appear on your listing.