For All Users

For all users the basic navigation includes the following:

Settings: Update background information like your name, organization and password. This information does not display on the website.

Entries: The Entries section is where you create and manage Business Listings, Deals and Calendar Events.

Files: Manage images, videos, or PDFs associated with your Entries.

Contacts: Manage the people who are associated with your Entries

! The following videos are provided by Elebase and may show left toolbar items that are not available for all user access levels.

Creating a New Entry

! The Allow Changes by Editor feature is disabled in Techshare 3.0. Editors will always have access to edit entries.

Adding Text to an Entry

Adding Files (images) to an Entry

Adding a Contact to an Entry

Embedding Video in an Entry

! This video mentions other types of embeds possible in Elebase, Techshare only supports Video Embedding.

Adding Features to Maps