About Techshare

Techshare 3.0 is the new online tool to create, edit and share Maine tourism-related stories, events, deals and business listings on the following Maine tourism websites:


MOT is suspending the VisitMaine.com calendar of events. Many of those events were scheduled to take place during the next several months.

Techshare is built on the Elebase Content Management System (CMS) and provided free-of-charge to the Maine tourism industry by the Maine Office of Tourism. To list your event, business or organization on the site, sign up below.

Roles & Permissions

There are four user levels in Techshare:

  • Manager: BVK
  • Editor:
    • MOT – can manage all sites and users
    • Regional editors – can manage their site and business users
  • Contributor: business and event users – can only manage their entries
  • Base: someone who has applied, but is not yet approved in the system
Business User (Contributor) Regional Manager (Editor) MOT Admin (Editor) BVK Admin (Manager)
Create/edit business content (listings, deals, events)* X X X X
Create/edit editorial content* X X X
Edit regionally tagged business content (including publishing authority) X X X
Edit all content on own regional site only X
Edit all content on all sites (including publishing authority) X X
Approve/publish newly submitted business content X X X
Filter/sort content dashboard to see specific content X X X
Receive notification of newly submitted business content** X X
Receive/process new business user account applications X X
Create new admin users X X
* New listings and articles can be assigned to multiple content categories. EX: A business that offers hiking and wildlife watching services can be designated as both. This way the business won’t have to create two separate business listings. ** Regional user should only be notified when there’s newly submitted business content tagged for their region.

Minimum System Requirements

Techshare 3.0 uses modern technologies and should run be on a modern OS and browser. Systems on which it has been tested include:

OSSupported Browsers (all latest versions)
Windows 8Chrome, Firefox
Windows 10Edge, Chrome, Firefox
Mac 10.10 +Chrome, Firefox, Safari
iOS Safari
Android Chrome

Techshare 3.0 may work on some older systems and browsers, but is specifically not supported for Internet Explorer.